About Gallery

Tokushima in Shikoku, my born place, where my mother paints its nature, and my parents ran a small art gallery As I aspire to think about what art means , Tokushima Art Think has started.

Shunichi Kadowaki in Kanonji in Kagawa prefecture, who was master of my mother, was previously described as Ukiyoe - maestro of our time,
  He was active in making exhibition not only across Japan but also in Europe, especially in Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. But after he died in 2006, his fame has been things of the past. If we do nothing, his achievement and great works including " Four Seasons in Imperial Palace", "Shikoku Pilgrimage", and "Kukai Gyojyo-ki" are completely gone. I strongly willing to put his works out into the world again.

I remember the phase he told me, "Art is common language in the world". Beyond language difference, real art can be understood as it is. Once upon a time, Ukiyoe was considered a symbol of free sprits in Edo culture where ordinary people played a leading role. Like in Edo period, I want many people to watch, feel, and think works of Mr.Kadowaki, which should be widely open, and not be for limited people. I would be happy to convey his desire to give people pleasure and energy to live a life, and let Japanese develop themselves through his works and belief.

In Edo period, people beyond classes such as Samurai and town people,really loved flowers. Mr. Kadowaki made a lot of works subject to flowers and Kuniko Kajiyama, his student focuses on flowers as her work. Here I would like to mainly introduce them.

Fumihiko Kajiyama, August 2014